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Frog Fuck

*Cough Cough*

I have a voice still, though.
Although it's hard to call my voice "a voice".  It's going uuup and dooown as there was a frog down in my throat, quacking instead of speaking words.

(*Cough cough* yet again)

Really, I have lost my interest in "Blackout" for a moment. Soon my inspiration will come back, but right now it's lost. Instead I can't stop thinking about my untitled story about this girl, whose father suffers of the DPD, and they desperately tries to build up a relationship, because they haven't met since she was born.

Oh yeah. Why do I always write depressing stories? Oh, what the heck, I guess someday I'll write a OH-SUNNY-SHINE-FREAKING-HAPPY-story and everyone will hate me. Yay!

I'm really weird now. I don't eat ice cream very much, because we never have it in our house, but yesterday I was home at my big sister, and she fed me with ice cream. And I got stomach-ache, and became very, veeery weird. I get really weird, when I'm really happy. Then I seem like I'm drunk, although I never have tried getting drunk.
(And the best is, all my friends are like that too! XD)

(*Cough cough* my throat hurts)

Yeh. And my mother and I should've taken a trip to Copenhagen, but it rained and my voice was all creepy and stuff, so we didn't. And tomorrow we should go to the Bella Center. But nono, my mom doesn't think that's a good idea. And I really, really want to go.

Yeah yeah, I give up.

(*Cough cough* actually, I'm not that depressed as I sound)



Maybe you should take some alcoholic - something if your throat is hurt. It might help. I'm not saying you should drink the whole bottle, just a gulp. (cough...detective conan volume 10...cough)

At least I know that if you had flu, you should breathe some ammoniac, because that helps immediately... (Believe me, I tried it myself! And it smelled revolting...)


Re: Right...

Oh me god , I got advice XD
And thank you so much for it! I'll try it :D