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Frog Fuck


Allo. Returned from ze Death-t !

I've been to England. Hooray! That was just sooo LOL! (yeah. So nerdy of me using the LOL) I loved being there with my girlfriends. We just chilled, me and ma' homies, and visited aLOT of places. And we WAAAAALKED alot. If I hadn't eaten that much, I would definitely have lost a few pounds. But I ate and ate and ate. Yikes!

I'm on Politiken now. Greatttt ! Although I'm pretty fucking stressed, because I'm so busy with this and my Project-thingy for school. I have a difficulty enjoying it completely, because my Project-thingy is soooo screwed. But the food is free here, so I'll survive :D
I know, I have not posted any fic at all. I've been so busy, and I won't be able to post it this week. Or write more on fics. Sorry. Gotta push it to the limit!

When I was in England, we visited Harrow School and suddenly... I got inspired! So now, I have to write a story about my fictional full-time school, Ganton School, liek Hogwartzzzz or Eton! OH YAYS! I'm kind of looking forward to have time enough to write on it...D':

New hottah guy: Shia LaBeouf. (Called: Shia LaBoof, because I have a difficulty pronouncing his name XD) From Transformers and Disturbia.